RELATIVE PRONOMINER (henførende stedord)

1. Who, whom, whose viser tilbage til personer

I don’t know the girl who asked me to dance.
I know very few of those who were present.

2. Whom bruges i formelt sprog som objekt i den relative sætning og skal altid bruges som styrelse
i et præpositionsled, når præpositionen står umiddelbart foran:

The actor whom we had seen in the theatre was at the party.
The man with whom I exchanged a few words is an actor.

3. Whose
er genitivsformen af who og kan vise tilbage til både personer og ikke-personer:

My neighbour, whose dog I’m looking after, is on holiday
They were playing a game whose rules I couldn’t understand

NB. Undgå forveksling mellem whose og who’s (= who is eller who has).

4. Which
viser tilbage til ikke-personer og kan bruges både i bestemmende og ikke-bestemmende sætninger:

Please return the book which I lent you last month
The car, which was badly damaged, belonged to my father

Which kan også vise tilbage til hele den foregående sætning; i denne anvendelse er der altid komma foran which:
The team lost all its matches, which was a terrible disappointment

5. That viser tilbage til personer såvel som ikke-personer, men bruges kun i bestemmende sætninger:

The girl that we met in the park is in my class
I don’t much like the music that is being played
I hate poems that don’t rhyme